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Top Action Cameras For Sport Lovers.

by Gizmokings Fan Club on April 29, 2018

Action cameras are the best friend of anyone who’s doing extreme sports. They can capture and record a scenery that no other camera can. Their small size and wide-angle fish-eye lens make them unique and a must-have. They are made to be mounted on your head, car, pet, and in many other objects, so that they can capture the best video even in the most challenging situation.

One of the most popular action cameras is GoPro. But what if you want something cheaper than that? Check out our top three bargain action cameras.

Versatile – Eken H9

EKEN H9 is a fantastic camera. It shoots videos in full HD at 30 or 60fps. It has a built-in Wifi and a concise 2-inch screen. And it can shoot 4K video at 10fps. The most surprising feature of it is that it provides these features above for $40.

Crisp – SJ4000

sj4000 wifi camera

SJ has been making cameras for years and the 4000 is has remained their top seller.

Priced slightly above the Eken, the SJ4000 is only rated to capture HD but has better video quality as it is using Novatek branded components.

Lacking 4K and 120FPS it does have some creative limitations, but if you are just looking for HD quality and a standard camera for easy shooting, then this is our pick.

Best of both worlds – GitUp Git 2 Pro

On the higher end,  the Git 2 Pro 2K camera is built using the same quality Novatek components as the SJ4000 but has an upgraded 2K resolution. You can shoot 2K at 60fps and 720P at 120FPS.

Captured video is also processed through image stabilization, and GitUp GIT2 PRO includes an external microphone option so you can record not only great 2K but also great audio.

GitUp also has an extra remote available so you can not only control via your phone but also with a waterproof remote control.

This offers the broadest range of options and blends SJ cams quality with Eken’s variety of functions.

All these cams have app control, HD res and waterproof cases, the main difference is in the extended list of features. They might not be top of the line GoPro’s, but they do capture excellent video, and at these prices, you can enjoy your outdoor adventure without worrying about breaking an expensive camera.

For all these and more hot cameras, have a look at our action camera page.


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