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Gizmokings’s top wireless chargers

by Gizmokings Fan Club on April 29, 2018

Need a wireless charger to match your new phone? You can get fast safe and stylish chargers for a fraction of the price of the phone companies one.

Key things too look for when buying a wireless charger.

  • Speed – Wireless charging is generally slower than wired charging, but fast ones are available.
  • Compatability – There are a few different protocols Qi is the most common.
  • Wired Charger – Wireless chargers don’t have their own power, so you still need a wired charger to power it. For full-speed charging, you need to match it with the right charger, so make sure the charger you connect to the wireless charger supplies enough juice. You’ll also need a fast cable.

Gizmokings’s best wireless chargers of 2018


With dual wireless coils, it can fast charge your device at both 5V and 9V. The Bakeey also doubles as a stand so you can use it during the day on your desk to keep your battery topped up.


BlitzWolf FWC3

Elegant and simple, this charger looks good and delivers up to 1A of charging power.


Clear charging pad

At around $5 it is one of our most affordable chargers and offers the same charging speed as the BlitzWolf charger above.


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