Smart Fingerprint U Lock Heat Treatment New Patent For Motorcycle Car Bicycle Office Door E-bike

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1.The introduction of the most advanced fingerprint acquisition heat, accurate recognition speed, detection of the dermis, can not open the clone fingerprint, lock can record up to 394 different fingerprrints can be shared by many people, through the authorization to ensure safety.
2.Hi tech biometric fingerprint technology, 0.5s speed to read your fingerprint in any direction, convenient and quick.
3.Error identification individual fingerprint is less than 0.0001%, the owner could not be recognized < 0.01%. 
4.Using the most advanced living fingerprint collection head, accurate identification, detection of dermal layer, can not be cloned open the fingerprint lock, can be used for sharing of 394 different fingerprints.
5.U type lock is widely used in the company, the door of the store anti-theft.
6.Intelligent U type lock is key free.
7.Zinc alloy chrome plated lock body, firm enough.
8.Hard alloy steel, military technology, lock stem diameter 16mm, anti 16 tons pressure pliers.
9.Smart chip: Data storage, cipher induction card module, 3.0 optical fingerprint head/

Material: Zinc Alloy Chrome, Steel
Color: Silver
Type: 1(Office), 2(Outdoor)
Size: As the picture shows

Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
Patent Number: ZL 2015 2 0009049.3

Charge Current: 0.2C-0.5C
Endurance: 1000 days

Universal fit for cars, motorcycles, electric scooters, bicycles, store/office door and so on

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