Geekcreit® DIY Light Control Full Color LED Big Size Christmas Tree Tower Kit

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This Big Size Christmas tree kit using full color led designed. it can change the different color such as Red, Orange, 
Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan-blue and purple. Two different size full color led and the big size PCB combine together
to a brilliant colors Christmas tree. It has 14 kinds of different color changing effect. It can simulated the Meteor across effect, 
Rainbow color change effect, Flash effect, Aurora gradient effect. And it also has light control function, according to the
brightness automatically adjust the speed of change. It all using the DIP components and easy to make.This is a very
attractive personality Christmas DIY project for the holiday season.
Manual is !


14 kinds of different color changing effect(See below for details).
Using 5mm and 10mm two size of the RGB full color LED.
Using the Big Size white PCB to designed a Christmas Tree 3D Shape.
Photometric resistance photometric collection automatically adjusts the rate of change.
Switch to power button to switch different modes.
Use Mini USB Cable to Connect a computer or phone charger to Supply it with the 5V.
Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 160mm.

Mode effect list:

1, Christmas rainbow gradient mode.
2, Meteor impact mode.
3, Simulate Starlit mode.
4, All slow color changing.
5, Up and down meteor mode.
6, Aurora color gradient mode.
7, Middle color changing mode.
8, Similar color slow changing mode.
9, Multicolor small meteor acroos mode.
10, Similar color diffusion in the middle mode.
11, Random color lightning mode.
12, Rainbow color flashing mode.
13, Meteor across color gradient mode.
14, Meteor back and forth across mode.


1. Use micro usb cable or power wire to supply 5V power;
2. Toggle the switch button to switch the next animation effect;
3. According to the ambient brightness automatically adjust the speed of change.

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