3D Printer 320*320*420mm Large Printing Size With Auto-Leveling Filament Detector Support Break-resuming WIFI Connect

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SKU 1228156

1. With large build volume of 320*320*420mm, get your creativity freely
2. 3.2'' full-color touch screen, intuitive and so easy to use
3. Using special coating in tempered glass, get better adhesion
4. (optional add-on)
5. Break-resuming capability, do not worry about printing large-size 3D models
6. Filament detector, avoid bootless printing
7. enabled EasyPrint 3D App, just remote control your 3D printer now
8. TF card stand-alone printing
9.  Self-developed EasyPrint 3D, On-line firmware upgrade
10. So easy to assemble, just need to fasten 4 screws

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