ESKY 150X 2.4G 4CH Mini 6 Axis Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter With CC3D

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ESKY 150X is a 4 channel 6 axis with CC3D flight control mini helicopter,which is up to Professional grade.
The overstable controlling performance make it easy for beginners to fly this single blade helicopter.

Two different mode:
Mode 1:It reduce the 150X operation volume,which is quite appropriate for those are new in flying helicopter.
Even you fly to the wrong direction,it will not crash immediately.
Mode 2:It provides more flexible operation amount for player who have a general familiarity with helicopter,
which could help you to control with different direction.The best mode for improvement.

Brand: ESKY
Item NO.: 150X
Type: 4ch single blade 
Flying condition: Indoor/Outdoor
Body length: 180mm
Body height: 60mm
Main blade: 170mm
Tail blade: 38mm
Weight: about 30g
Color: Red
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Flight time: about8-10 min
Flight control: CC3D
Battery: 3.7V 150mAh
1.Superior ruggedness and crashworthiness,less wearing parts.Generally no need to readjust or calibrate
after slight crash,set it right and fly directly.
2.High security.Flying helicopter has a certain risk.however,E150X throttle comes with self-locking function.
As no operation with throttle within 10s,it will be locked automatically,which could prevent someone from
damaging due to misoperation or carelessness.
3.Easy to control.the helicopter equips CC3D flight control,which make it possible to fly more stable with good handle.

P.S. Hover Mode(Press Hover/Maneuvering Mode Switch,"Beep" once that Hover Mode).
        Maneuvering Mode(Press Hover/Maneuvering Mode Switch,"Beep" twice that Maneuvering Mode).
        Hover Mode defaulted when turn on the transmitter,it was recommended to landing when switch mode.

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