EQKIT® DC9-12V Electronic Calendar Soldering Kit High Precision DIY Clock Kit ECL-1227 12/24 Hour C/F Switchble

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SKU 1271712
Kit name: Electronic Calendar (Not assembled)
Kit model: ECL-1227
Operating voltage: DC9-12V
Operating current: ≤90mA
Dynamic current: ≤160mA
Display color: Red/Green/Blue (optional)
Panel language: English
Finished product size: 228 x 160 x 38mm
Net weight: about 375g
Timing error: ≤±0.5 seconds/day
Temperature error: ≤±1
Kit Features:
1. 1 inch large digital display time
2. 0.5 inch digital display calendar and temperature
3. Red, green and blue display colors are optional
4. Real-time display in seconds, adding dynamic
5. One-key switch power saving function
6. 50 year long calendar display
7. Real-time temperature display
8. The whole point time belling function, simulate the church bell
9. 8 way alarm clock, 12 way birthday reminder
10. 12/24 hour system, Celsius/Fahrenheit can be switched at any time
11. There are brackets and hanging holes on the back, can be placed on the desktop or on the wall
12. Power-off memory, automatic background working when the power is off, no need to set the power again
13. Can simulate the sound of running water and cuckoo calls

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