DIY Prusa I3 3D Printer 200*200*180mm Printing Size Support Off-line Printing 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

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- Accessories have compact structures and can be easily assembled.
- A private-customized 3D printing age. It can print student works/medical models/3D figures.
- Auto heating platform at the beginning of heating. 
- High performance mainboard.
- Strong power and durable motor.
- Intelligent and high precision nozzle.
- Support memory card printing. 
- LCD screen.
Printing tech:fused deposition modeling(FDM)
Structure volume:200*200*180mm
              7200 cubic cm
Printing resolution:100mm
Layer precision:50-100 micrometer(optical)
Consumable diameter:1.75mm
Material compatibility:PLA/ABS
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Type of printing files:.X3G
Working environment Temperature:15-33℃
Printing ABS temp:110℃ or so
Printing PLA temp:50-60℃
Storage temp:0-38℃
XY axis:11micrometers
Z axis:25micrometers
Speed of motion axis:30mm/s.100mm/s
Recommended nozzle movement speed:0-40 mm/sec
Software package Cura 14.0 of Chinese version
Type of input file:stl, gcode
Operating system:suitable for Windows XP, for Windows(7+), and for Mac OS X(10.7+)
Connection:USB/SD card printing
Product size:360*380*438mm

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