DIY NB-11 Fluorescent Tube Clock IV-11 Kit VFD Tube Kit VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display

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This is a DIY kit, need to assemble it yourself, if you need to buy finished one, please go to 
Type: IV-11
RGB full-color background lamp
Using a 5VDC power supply
1. The use of high precision clock chip display time (upgrade: support 12/24 hours display);
2. The use of high precision clock chip display date (Upgrade: Support year, month, day/month, day, year/day, month, year format);
3. Automatic switch setting;
4. With a timing alarm clock that can be switched off and adjusted;
5. Using interrupt mode to read the DS18B20 temperature code, read the temperature value is accurate, does not beat. Unlike regular reading of the DS18B20 code, the code handles things a little more and is not normal;
6. Can be switched automatically alternately display time, date, temperature (Duration can be set);
7. Two breathing lamps in the center, the color can be adjusted by remote control;
8. Under the electronic tube with
RGBled, the effect can be closed. Display mode controllable (Breath 5 times, Automatic color switching).

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