DIY Electronic LED Spectrum Display Training Kit Voice Control

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Board size: long 11CM, wide 1.8CM, plate thickness 1.6MM
Please allow 2mm tolerance

A: 5V Red LED Spectrum Kit
B: 5V Blue LED Spectrum Kit
C: 5V Green LED Spectrum Kit
D: 12V Red LED Spectrum Kit
E: 12V Blue LED Spectrum Kit
F: 12V Green LED Spectrum Kit
Function introduction:
1, Through the microphone to collect the external sound, according to the sound intensity, the LED will jump.
2, Keys can be set to 3 modes, after setting the mode ,it will be saved when power down.
    A, column mode
    B, column + floating point mode
    C, single floating point mode
3, Precision adjustable resistance adjust sensitivity, compared to the quality of the adjustable resistance is much better.
4, Input voltage 5V or 12V, 12V version is more sensitive.

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