DIY AS60 Dual Channel 60 Segment Binaural Music Spectrum VU Meter Kit

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AS60 is a quasi-peak level meter, using single-chip acquisition and processing signals, it can rising fast (the traditional VU table will lag because the mechanical pointer reaction), falling speed can be adjusted according to need, can truly reflect the sound signal quasi-peak changes.
The monitor has three classic mode display.
This product is reserved for installation holes and external lead input port for easy modified.


Without housing: 19 cm *  2.5 cm *  3.5 cm (Height * Width * Thickness)
With housing: 19.6 cm * 4 cm * 1.9 cm (base 4.9 * 4.7 cm) (Height * Width * Thickness)
Display part size: 15.2 cm * 2.0 cm (Height * Width)
Input voltage: DC 5V audio dual-channel input

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