Color Touch Screen Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Headset Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Smart Watch

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Item XANES Y3 Plus Smart Bracelet
Model Y3 Plus
Color Silver / Black
Display 0.96" OLED Color Touchscreen
Resolution 160*80
Power Supply 80mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
Standby  20Days
Charging Time About 2h
Battery Life 96h
Bluetooth 4.1
Function Phone Call Answer, Music Play, Pedometer, Time,
Calories, Mileage, Alarm, Heart Rate Monitor, etc.

1. Wireless music listening.
2. The real-time monitor of exercise status.
3. Incoming call instant reminder.
4. Real-time monitoring of your heart rate.
5. Sleep monitor, help you to improve your sleep quality.
6. Detachable Bluetooth headset design.

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