Children Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Fancy Dress Unisex Costume Dino Rider

SKU 1052619

Size: all code, suitable for people 90-140cm height
Color Style: green dinosaur
Material: High-density waterproof polyester fiber cloth
Power: Requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
A costume need to add four AA batteries, the battery lasts about four hours work
Activities range:
Companies, bars, clubs, dance PARTY, parks, television programs,
Supermarket chains, hotel chains, convention events, carnivals, opening ceremonies, weddings.
Instructions for use:
1. Remove the bag from the outer set of clothes hooks;
2. Long zipper pull behind the clothes, the clothes inside out wrapped in a battery box, with a small screwdriver to turn on the battery compartment door into the four AA batteries, and then replace the battery compartment door.
3. Put inflatable suits, feet gourd buckle lock handle, to avoid leakage;
4. Place the battery box fixed in their clothes above, good zipper pull, then open the battery compartment fan switch automatically inflated .;
5.2-3 minutes later, a very cute dinosaurs appear immediately in front of the audience, and began a wonderful show.
Note: this link for children, renderings are for reference only
1. Fan and battery boxes belonging plastic products, do not Zhongshuai on the ground;
2. The size of the wind turbines have a great relationship with the battery,
We recommend the use of good quality batteries, battery life of 3-4 hours continuous;
3. Do not close to the sharp knives inflatable clothing, so as not to be punctured cause leaks.

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