Car Gravity Linkage Phone Holder Air Vent 360 Degrees Rotation Adjustable Gear Holder Stand

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SKU 1187156
1. The utility model skillfully untilizes the gravity of the mobile phone to clamp your phone through the gear linkage.
2. Automatic locking as soon as you put your phone down,do not worry about mobile phone drop
    when faced with slowdown zone, bumpy sections, brakes.

3. Adjustable rotation for 360 degrees.
4. Non-slip and anti Scraping pad, do not scratch the phone and air vent.
5. Special port for Charging and the HOME key, convenient.

Color Black, Blue, Glay
Material                    ABS + Silica Gel
Application Width of 4 mm to 9 mm mobile phone
Model Gravity Linkage Air Vent

Suitable for mobile phones with thickness less than 12 mm.

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