Align T-REX 470LM 470L Dominator RC Helicopter RH47E01XT Super Combo

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Align T-REX 470LM Dominator RC Helicopter RH47E01XT Super ComboDescription:The new T-Rex 470LM is the latest release from one of the most popular companies in the RC helicopter market. Some of the new features on the 470LM are the newly designed belt drive system (a release of a torque tube version is on the way), new rotor head design that loses the DFC system. The new landing gear gives the helicopter a 5 degree forward tilt and the servos are the new HV DS450M/HV DS455M High voltage versions. The ESC is the new RCE-BL50X to handle the 6 cell power system and the main shaft has an added 3rd bearing in the main block. All of which makes the 470LM Dominator Super combo an excellent choice for taking the guesswork out of choosing the electronics for your 3D power house.Specification:
Length: 755 mm
Width: 108 mm
Height: 210 mm
Main blade length: 380 mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 850mmTail Rotor Diameter: 181mmMotor Pinion Gear: 11TMain Drive Gear: 121TMain Drive Pulley: 56TTail Drive Gear: 15TDrive Gear Ratio: 11:1:3.73Flying Weight(No battery): 860g 
Feature:1. Brand New Belt Drive Assembly       - Allows for quiet operation and low cost on serviceability.2. Progressive Landing Skid with 5 degree forward tilt       - Landing skid is tilted 5 degrees forward to improve crashworthiness.3. Brand New 470EFL Main Rotor Head Set       - Provides superior flight stability and offers a lower CG design to reduce flying resistance while providing a more rigid and fast rotor head response.4. 380 Main Blade/69 Tail Blade       - 380 main blades with new engineered airfoil design effectively reduces turbulence at the end of the main blades,this saves power consumption during extreme 3D flight.
       - 69 new size tail blades are longer in length and offer superior tail holding performance,even during demanding 3D flight.
5. DS450M/DS455M High Voltage Digital Servo       - DS450M Cyclic and DS455M Rudder servos support up to 8.4V for superior responsiveness,extreme torque,and improved performance.6. The 3rd Main Shaft Bearing Block
       - Increases the strength of the main frame while improving 3D flight.
7. RCE-BL50X Brushless ESC       - Specially designed for T-REX 470 providing much higher currency output and support high voltage BEC output:5V-8.4V,that is compatible with high voltage servo.8. New 470MX Brushless Motor(1800KV)
       - High efficiency,superior power,excellent torque,low current,and a low operating temperature,causing it maintain consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers.
9. Brand New Tail Rotor Holder       - Tail rotor holder design includes thrust bearings which increases durability,as well as significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of the tail performance when using 69 size Tail Blades.English Manual: 
Package included:
1 x 380 Carbon Fiber Blade Set1 x 69 Tail Blade Set
1 x 470MX Brushless Motor(1800KV)
3 x DS450M Digital Servo
1 x DS455M Digital Servo
1 x RCE-BL50X 50A Brushless ESC

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