Anycubic® 4MAX FDM 3D Printer 210x210x300mm Printing Size With Filament Sensor/Power Resume Function/Ultrabase Platform/Aviation Plug/LCD 12864 Screen/1KG Filament

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SKU 1276006

1. Super large printing volume: 210*210*300mm
2. Anycubic ultrabase platform, super adhesive and durable to use
3. With Filament sensor, the print job is automatically suspended
4. With power resume function, one click to continue with the last printing from power off, on longer to worry about long time prints.
5. Modular design, simplify the assembly, save more time!
6. Aviation plug, quick connect, easy to operate
7. Enclosure ofr main power and mainboard, designed for safety
8. LCD 12864 screen, support multi-lanfuage, smooth operation
9. With 1kg filament for test

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