5Pcs 8*4 Level Indicator Kit SMD Soldering Practice Board Audio Spectrum Indicator Electronic Production Parts

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SKU 1263734
Model: ASD-84S
Working voltage: DC5V
Standby current: ≤ 5mA
Working current: ≤35mA
Signal input method: 3.5mm audio cable
LED color: 0805 red, green, blue, yellow
PCB size: 64.2mm x 36.5mm
PCB mounting hole: 3mm
PCB mounting hole spacing: 58.1 x 30.5mm
Note: When installing the LED, please keep the same line in the same color.

Button method Operating mode Screen display Function setting Description Default setting
Short press Fast flash mode 3 Display refresh very fast, very dynamic 2
Medium speed mode 2 Display refresh is relatively fast, strong sense of rhythm
Low speed mode 1 Display refresh rate is relatively slow, the visual feel good
Long press
High sensitivity
H Able to detect weaker signals B
Medium sensitivity B Able adapt to most signals
Low sensitivity L Can filter weak interference signal
Note: Hold on the MODE button, and then turn on the power to enter the test mode, test mode can detect each LED is good or bad.

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