4L Mini Refrigerator Car Ice Box Mini Fridge 12V 220V Cool And Warm Container

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1. This 4L mini ice box could be able to cool the drink in summer, and heat it in winter. No matter where you are head to,
you could enjoy the drinks and foods that the temperature is at your need,
2. In car,You could connect it to the cigar lighter(DC12V) to start it.At home,you could plug it your pluger(AC220V).
3.The suitable foods and drinks would be milk,rice,vegatable,fruits,drinks etc.
4. With lock catch,you could not worry about the door would open unexpected.
5. It is easy to carry.
Volume 4L
Minimum Cooling Temperature 5℃
Maximum Heating Temperature 55-65℃
Color Red
Weight 3Kg
Voltage 220/12V
Capacity 45W
Dimension 190*263*285mm
Material ABS

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