2.4G Fishing Bait Rc Boat GPS Beidou Navlgation W/ Double 380 Motor LED Light Toy

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SKU 1323699
Basic information Brand:Jabo
Item No:2AG
No-load speed:about 80m/minutes
Power System
Motor:double 380 motor
Gear decelerate drive,interal propeller
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
Remote control:about 300m on the water
Battery Battery:(one boat just one battery)
1.20A/3.7v lithium battery,can use 3-3.5h(after fully charged 10hours)
7v lithium battery,can use 5h(after fully charged sixteen hours)
Other Weight:about 5232g,with box
Capacity of the hopper:1kg
Dimension Boat size:620*263*180mm(L*W*H)

Electronic compass navigation+ satellite positioning navigation,navigation accuracy radius less than 5 meters
Major moves:forward,turn right,turn left,reverse and releasing the hook

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